Natalia Vargas: “My greatest pride is to be a mom, while also producing a great specialty coffee.”

Natalia is an exceptional woman. A mother and coffee producer at the highest level, and heir to family tradition of many generations.

She believes that growing, harvesting, milling, and roasting coffee is a process that has a lot to do with her role as a mother.  Natalia says that growing a cup that shines to the senses of the taster is like raising a child. It requires patience, love, talent, and dedication.

Since meeting Marcela, one of the creators of Roblesabana, Natalia began to share their dream of developing a brand of specialty coffees. A brand that would make the best cup of coffee available to the greatest number of people in our country and the world.

Natalia pledged to provide Roblesabana all her knowledge, acquired over many years, not only growing coffee on her family’s farm, but also negotiating it in international markets, where she could realize its enormous potential.

Touring the world with her coffees under her arm, tasting the best products from other parts of the world and knowing the diverse opinions of the experts, Natalia came to form truly clear ideas about the elements that define a product of the highest quality.

That is why Natalia is one of those producers who care about everything: the adequate nutrition of the soils, the state of the windbreakers, the shade, a careful pest control. Because, as in children’s education, it is necessary to be always attentive, knowing how to listen to them and give them -children and plants- always what they need.


In her alliance with Roblesabana, Natalia has put the best of that knowledge to create the special version Poas Finca La Hilda: a caturra /catuaí of more than 1,350 meters of altitude, washed process, with a medium to dark roast that intensifies its qualities. Thus, from one woman to another, a bond has been created, which is born from coffee, but goes further: they are Women Harvesting Excellence, in their work, in their family, in life.

If you have not yet enjoyed our Roblesabana Poas Finca La Hilda, you can get one HERE.

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