Costa Rican Specialty Coffees

Specialty Coffee refers to the highest quality green coffee beans. They are roasted to their greatest flavor potential by true craftspeople, following a specific roasting profile. According to SCA, coffee that scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale is graded “specialty”. All our specialty coffees score 83+ and are 100% produced by women in Costa Rica.”

TRACEABILITY: Small or microlots from one single farm.

At Roblesabana Coffee we proudly source our specialty coffees in Costa Rica directly from the farms, this is a guarantee of traceability. Under this direct trading business model, we connect producers with consumers, closing the coffee trading chain and reducing costs for the final consumer, while paying a fair price for every coffee bag directly to the producer.

Women in Coffee

We are two sisters, born and raised in Costa Rica, partners with more than 10 years of experience in the coffee business. Adriana is a mother of 4 and an intellectual property lawyer. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marcela is a mother of one boy and a publicist and audiovisual producer. She resides in Heredia, Costa Rica. Marcela was in charge of the international promotion of coffee in Costa Rica at ICAFE for over 7 years.

As coffee curators, we take part in every step of the production chain of our coffees, assuring quality control and traceability.  Inspired by the work and determination of women in the coffee business, our mission is to incentivize access and exchange of knowledge. We promote and support participation of women in coffee production and gender equality.

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by Women

Why Roblesabana?

The Roble de Sabana (Tabebuia rosea) is an impressive neotropical tree popularly known in Costa Rica as Roblesabana. Its intensive flowering period goes from February to April in the Costa Rican Central Valley, where coffee started to grow during the early XIX century. The pink foliage of the Roblesabana is often found inside and even at the limits of some coffee plantations within the Central Valley.

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Marcela Porras

San José, Costa Rica
Phone: +506 8982-3630
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Adriana Porras

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Phone: +1 713- 822-0970
Email: info@roblesabanacoffee.com
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