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Did you know that ROBLESABANA is part of the Alliance of Women in Coffee?

Discover the Feminine Power behind the Alliance’s new board of directors.

Marcela Porras, co-founder of ROBLESABANA, is the new president of IWCA Costa Rica as of October 2023.


We have exciting news! In Costa Rica, a powerful movement has been forming for more than a decade. In 2005, the International Women in Coffee Alliance was born, a beacon of empowerment and excellence in the Costa Rican coffee industry.

Today, we are proud to announce a new chapter in this story of inspiration and change. Marcela Porras, co-founder of our exceptional specialty coffee ROBLESABANA, assumes the role of president of the Costa Rican chapter of the Alliance of Women in Coffee.

You can imagine a board of directors made up of passionate women with unparalleled expertise in the world of coffee. From producers to baristas, each one always contributing her grain of sand to make IWCA Costa Rica a true bastion of success and progress.

ROBLESABANA: Where Passion Turns into Flavor

At ROBLESABANA, we share the same passion for coffee and female empowerment that drives the Costa Rican Women’s Coffee Alliance. Every cup you enjoy of our specialty coffee is a celebration of the strength and dedication of these exceptional women.

Join the women-led coffee revolution! Find out more about IWCA Costa Rica and its transformative impact on the world of coffee.

Flavor, history and empowerment fuse in every bean of our ROBLESABANA specialty coffee!

For more information about the International Women in Coffee Alliance Costa Rica chapter please visit: iwcacostarica.org

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