Do you know where the term specialty coffee comes from?

The term was first used by the Norwegian Erna Knutsen. A pioneering woman in a man’s industry, accustomed to dealing with large quantities of coffee in the company where she worked, she became interested in the so-called “broken lots”, coffees that arrived in smaller quantities than conventional coffees.

Erna observed that these coffees came from a unique origin, in small quantities and with very peculiar flavors when compared to the conventional coffees with which she was accustomed to working. Little by little, Erna became an expert coffee taster and in 1974 during an interview for the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal she used the term specialty coffee to refer to these micro lots or “broken lots”.

As Erna labeled it, our specialty coffees are small, micro lots from a single origin.

Taste RobleSabana, Costa Rica’s specialty coffee.

If you are in the USA, please purchase our Specialty Coffee here: https://www.amazon.com/roblesabanacoffee

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