Featured in FORBES Centroamérica 100 powerful women 2022

The Costa Rican Marcela Porras promotes the work of women in the production and commercialization of specialty roasted coffee, under the pillar of common benefit.

Marcela Porras is a coffee woman. She began working in this sector in Costa Rica more than 20 years ago, and six years ago she founded her own company: Roblesabana, a brand of specialty roasted coffee that aims to unite women producers with non-expert lovers of this beverage.

But beyond creating a company, Marcela promotes a business vision that seeks to break paradigms in an industry that, although it is not only for men, has long been governed by a patriarchal vision.

The communicator and publicist by profession explains that the perspective of competitiveness as we know it today (how to make a lot of money at the expense of others making less), although it is not necessarily a masculine thought, “it is of capitalism, of patriarchy, but these are paradigms that we know are expiring faster and faster”.

He adds, “Our perspective is that there is a market that we can share, that there is enough for everyone, and everyone has different qualities that they can bring to the table.”

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