Organic Coffee Hunt

This month we had the privilege to visit Finca Las Lajas, a beautiful, one of a kind organic micro mill located at the foothills of Poas Volcano in Sabanilla de Alajuela, in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. We met with owners Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacon, who took us deep in their coffee farm to show us how they grow and take care of their coffee. There, they explained the organic practices enforced daily in order to obtain a coffee almost impossible to find somewhere else in Costa Rica. You can tell just by looking at the soil.

Las Lajas produces honey processed coffee. They don’t use the washed process method, which requires substantial quantities of water to remove the mucilage or peel from the bean. Instead, coffee beans are sun dried on African beds, with some pulp still attached to the bean, which absorbs the natural sugars of the mucilage, then processed in fully traceable lots. The result: a more environmentally friendly coffee, and a high quality cup!

Next, it was time to taste. Oscar and Francisca proudly brew and pour their amazing coffee: high body, well-balanced acidity and floral aromas. The hunt is over. We found our organic coffee!

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