Roblesabana Special Blend

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Traceability card:

  • Las Lajas Farm, Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • Altitude: 1,500mt/ 4,590 ft.
  • Blend: SL28/Geisha variety
  • Natural Process
  • 100% Arabica
  • Medium roast
  • SCA score: 86*

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A unique blend of our boutique coffees resulting in a fruity coffee, medium to high body and a great dark chocolate aftertaste. Medium roast. 340g/12oz.

Score according to Quality Classification of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA): 86

*A coffee with a cupping score above 80 is considered a Specialty Coffee by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Would you like to know the producer of Las Lajas Farm? See the VIDEO here.

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