NARANJO – Semi-washed, Cloza Farm

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ROBLESABANA | Naranjo Semi-washed, Cloza Farm.

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Traceability card:

  • Located in Naranjo, Alajuela. West Valley coffee region.
  • Altitude 1250 meters above sea level.
  • Semi-washed processing.
  • SCA score in cup: 86*.
  • Medium roast.

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Managed by Kathia Zamora, the Cloza farm and mill were founded 12 years ago. Cloza is part of the NAMA Café project (CAFE de Costa Rica project of low-carbon farms) and the IWCA (International Women in Coffee Alliance).

This specialty coffee has a sweet aroma like caramel, soft acidity, medium body and fruity aftertaste like peach.

*A coffee with a cupping score above 80 is considered a Specialty Coffee by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

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