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Costa Rican Coffee Regions




Altitude: 20% at 2,952 to 5,249 feet
80% at 3,280 to 4,593 feet

Precipitation: 98 inches

Average temperature: 72°F

Relative humidity: 84%

Harvest: November to February

Soil: Andisol

Shade: Ingas, erythrinae

This region’s soil has a slight tropical acidity, a result of its enrichment by volcanic ashes. The Central Valley coffee brings a well-balanced cup, cocoa acidity and fruity taste, and body intensity that goes from medium to strong, depending on cultivation altitude.

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Altitude: 2,296 to 5,249 feet

Precipitation: 98 inches

Average temperature: 71°F

Relative humidity: 81%

Harvest: October to February

Soil: Andisol

Shade: Ingas, erythrinae, musaceae, fruit trees

West Valley coffee, which has the most complex flavor of all the regions of the country, is recognized as an excellent full-bodied coffee with sweet and soft aromas like sugar cane, vanilla and dried fruit. Its delicate acidity makes it especially suitable for espresso.


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Altitude: 3,280 to 4,593 feet asl

Precipitation: 98 inches

Average temperature: 68°F

Relative humidity: 82%

Harvest: September to March

Soil: Andisol

Shade: Erythrinae, musaceae

The coffee from the Orosi region results in a pleasant-bodied cup with taste of cocoa and floral fragrances, together with an aromatic and noble acidity, all of which brings the unique characteristic balance of its coffee.


Altitude: 3,937 to 5,413 feet asl

Precipitation: 88 inches

Average temperature: 70°F

Relative humidity: 80%

Harvest: November to March

Soil: Andisol

Shade: Ingas, erythrinae, musaceae, forest trees

The coffee from Tres Rios has characteristics that remain equally homogeneous throughout the Region. Volcanic soils rich in organic matter and ideal temperatures produce a full-bodied coffee with brown-sugary sweetness and fine acidity, an extraordinary balance which makes it special for strong body coffee lovers.


Altitude: 1,640 to 4,593 feet asl

Precipitation: 110 inches

Average temperature: 73°F

Relative humidity: 82%

Harvest: July to March

Soil: Andisol, inceptisol

Shade: Erythrinae, musaceae, forest trees

The Turrialba coffee has pleasant tasting, a soft and delicate aroma easily comparable to the smell of the ripe fruit of the coffee. It brings a fruity taste and an aftertaste with soft woody notes. Its acidity is barely perceptible, giving full prominence to the sweetness.


Altitude: 1,968 to 5,577 asl

Precipitation: 138 inches

Average temperature: 72°F

Relative humidity: 85 to 100%

Harvest: August to February

Soil: Andisol, ultisol

Shade: Timber trees, leguminae, fruit trees

These are coffees from lower and medium altitude areas with very mild taste and a sweet and hints of sugar cane, flowers and citrus fruits. It has a soft aroma with mild acidity, which brings a clean and smooth cup, ideal for light coffee lovers.


Altitude: 1,968 to 4,265 feet asl

Precipitation: 83 to 138 inches

Average temperature: 79°F

Relative humidity: 50 to 70%

Harvest: July to February

Soil: Andisol, alfisol, inceptisol

Shade: Ingas, erythrinae, musaceae

The coffee from Guanacaste Region is characterized by their elongated shape, easy to roast. It has a light body and a slight acidity, typical bitterness of the mid-altitude Pacific zones’ coffees. It produces a soft sweet aroma with woody notes, resulting in a pleasant, flavorful and balanced cup.

Altitude: 3,936 to 6,233 feet asl

Precipitation: 134 inches

Average temperature: 64°F

Relative humidity: 75%

Harvest : November to March

Soil: Ultisol, inceptisol

Shade: Musaceae, erythrinae, fruit trees

Tarrazu is a coffee growing region that has achieved worldwide fame with its own personal seal. The taste is comparable to fruity flavors like prune, apricot, orange and sometimes even lemon. It has diverse aromas and notes of sweet coffee mucilage, flower blossoms and delicate citric nuances. Its acidity is one of the most outstanding attributes, with an aftertaste of completely ripe coffee cherry.

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