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The Blog

24 Jan

Our Poas Fully Washed

Poas At this time of year we are in “pico de cosecha” in Costa Rica. Farm-workers pick up the coffee cherries at its best in dark-red color. This is POAS coffee from de Vargas Family, our Roblesabana Poas Fully Washed. This single origin, specialty coffee  that we personally select grows on the foothhills of the

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16 Dec

Coffee Harvesting in Costa Rica

  Coffee harvesting in Costa Rica starts in this time of year. Early mornings show coffee pickers with their baskets on their way to the coffee farms, the cafetales are filled with hands that pick the red cherries from the trees of the best coffee in the world. Lunch right at the calles or rows

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10 Mar

We are Specialty Coffee

Did you know that the specialty coffee segment is the most rapidly growing portion of the coffee industry? In the U.S., specialty coffee has increased its market share from 1% to 20% in the last 25 years. Furthermore, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), in 2014 42 % of 25-39 year olds said they

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21 Aug

What is Roblesabana Coffee?

Welcome to Roblesabana Coffee! We are very excited to finally launch our project, in which we have been working with love and dedication for months. We are two sisters, born and raised in Costa Rica. Adriana is a mother of 4 and an intellectual property lawyer. Marcela is a mother of one boy and a

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25 Jul

Organic Coffee Hunt

This month we had the privilege to visit Finca Las Lajas, a beautiful, one of a kind organic micro mill located at the foothills of Poas Volcano in Sabanilla de Alajuela, in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. We met with owners Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacon, who took us deep in their coffee

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